Understanding your timetable

Understanding your timetable

Personalised timetables are released before semester start and are available either online or via the myLboro app.

We release student timetables for each semester 4 weeks before the start of teaching. If you are making module choices during this time (if, say, you are a new starter or incoming exchange student), then your personalised timetable will be created once you have completed your module choices.

So, for example, if you are a new starter in the 2023/24 academic year (this includes Part A and F, PGT and incoming exchange students), your personalised timetable for Semester 1 will be released at 4pm on Monday 25th September.

There are two ways of accessing your timetable:

  1. The online student timetable, and
  2. The myLboro app.

The online timetable

Using a web browser lets you view all of your current week’s timetable. It is colour-coded based on how your teaching is delivered, and contains click-through links to any on-demand or online teaching content. We list any on-demand sessions at the top of the page, as per the screenshot below.

Remember that if you are off-campus, you will need to use Multi-Factor Authentication to access your online timetable. This is a safety feature to ensure your data remains secure.

The myLboro timetable

The myLboro app gives you a different view of your timetable, in a more space-efficient schedule-style view, with your timetabled classes listed beneath the date. You will also need the myLboro app to register your attendance at in-person teaching sessions.


Check your timetable regularly

Please make sure you check your timetable regularly, as you may find that your classes take place in different rooms across different weeks. Sometimes we have to make unavoidable changes to your timetable after it is published. We try to minimise these as much as possible, but do check your timetable regularly just in case.

Watch the pre-recorded activities

Many of your modules will contain on-demand pre-recorded activities to complete prior to attending the live interactive sessions. You should ensure you watch these recordings and complete any tasks that are set in order to get the most out of live interactive sessions – your lecturers will be planning a mix of live sessions that require you to have engaged with the on-demand required content beforehand. Any on-demand sessions that you need to watch will be set out clearly in the module weekly guidance.