Requesting a letter confirming I'm a student

Your proof of student status

Letters available via Self-Service

Once you have completed your registration with the University you can download a range of letters confirming your attendance and student status from Student Self-Service. If you are a Postgraduate Research student and require a Certificate of Registration, please email the Doctoral College Office. Please ensure you include your Student Registration Number and which letter you require in the Subject Line of your email

» Certificate of Registration

Your Certificate of Registration will include:

  • Your name
  • Your mode of study (eg full-time or part-time)
  • The dates of your registration and expected duration of your programme
  • The title and award (eg BSc) of your programme
  • Official University stamp

» Bank Letter

If you need proof of your UK address in order to open a bank account, you can download a standard Bank letter which contains the relevant information.

» Council Tax Letter

This letter confirms your status as a student and study dates and can be presented to the relevant Council as proof of your full-time student status. If you reside in an area that is not covered by Charnwood Borough Council, you will need to download a letter from Student Self-Service as you will not be covered by the data sharing exercise that takes place locally.

» Award Letter

Once you have successfully completed your programme and your results have been published you can request an Award Letter which states the qualification you have obtained.

Non-Standard Letters

If you require additional information to be included on your letter, please email Student Enquiries. Please ensure you include your Student Registration Number and the information you require us to provide; we will endeavour to provide you with what you need. However, we have a duty to be accurate and not purposefully misleading.


Email Student Enquiries