Managed Windows server service

IT Services have a well established and widely used Managed Windows service, now known as the MWSS.

This service is used for a wide variety of other applications & services, from underlying infrastructure services such as Active Directory through to University corporate applications, alongside department-specific applications.

The principal concepts of the service are:

  • access and elevated privilege management
  • system monitoring
  • standard configuration & configuration management
  • Regular vulnerability scanning and remediation of OS level issues
  • automated operating system patching
  • advice, guidance and answering questions such as "how do I...?"

Access and elevated privilege management is managed via groups in the University's Active Directory.

System monitoring covers basics such as uptime, disk usage, CPU and memory utilisation with additional service monitoring when specific services such as webservers are installed. This allows IT Services staff to offer advice, guidance and alerting to server or application managers where necessary and appropriate.

Standard security/configuration features are provided via Group Policy.

A webserver (IIS) can be installed on request, but ongoing management and configuration of IIS and the websites/applications deployed from it remains the responsibility of the service contact/server manager.

Microsoft SQL Server can be installed when a Windows server is deployed, but please ensure you have discussed this requirement with IT Services first.

3rd party suppliers or vendors can have accounts created for remote access via the University VPN Service. Please complete the following MS Form Creation of -remote account form, see the link below for more information