How to create a Microsoft Team using a template

How to create a team

University Staff can create and own a team within Microsoft Teams which includes any combination of staff and/or students. Staff who create teams are responsible for managing.

  • Ownership: There should be at least two staff owners for each team
  • Membership: Team owners can add and remove members, add guests, change team settings, and handle administrative tasks
  • Content of the team: team owners can set different permissions for different Files/folders/members
  • For a full list of responsibilities please see Responsibilities of a team owner page

Creation options:

  • Create a team from scratch
  • Create using an existing team as a template
  • Create from an existing Office 365 Group

Create using an existing team as a template instructions

If you are a member of a team of the type selected you will have the option to create the team from a template, this reduces the time taken to build a complex team.

Teams icon

Select the Teams icon from the left navigation bar

Create a team

Click the ‘Join or create a team’ and select the 'Create a team' button'

Image of the button to join an MS Team

Image of the creating a Team button

Select team type

Take care to choose the correct type of team you require as this cannot be changed later. Loughborough University commonly use Class type teams for teaching and Other for all other cases.

Image showing the options of MS Teams types to choose from
Choose a team type

Create from template

Select the highlighted option 'create a team using an existing team as a template'

Image showing the option to select creating an MS Team from a template

Select Team

Select the team you wish to use as a template.

Image shows the options for selecting the MS team to use as the template

Select options

Select the team to copy, rename and add a description,

Choose what to replicate: Channels, tabs, Apps, and Members.

To avoid accidental information disclosure to all staff and students, public teams are automatically converted to private teams unless you notify IT Services of the reason that you need a public team

Image showing adding members to a team
Contact IT Services