Microsoft campus agreement

Campus Agreement is a Microsoft licensing scheme whereby the University can lease the use of a large range of Microsoft software on an annual basis.

Use of this software is licensed only to members of the university, not including students. The cost of the license is based upon the number of education qualified staff on the University payroll (EQU). Software under the scheme will be licensed on all university owned machines, including in Computer Labs. Staff may use the software for University use at home when they are not at the university. The full agreement and related information is obtained from links set out below. Where there is difficulty interpreting the rules in 'grey' areas, please consult IT Services. Unless a person is registered with the University as a member of staff or researcher, it is unlikely they will fall under the terms of the agreement.

The EQU license is applied to staff that qualify as below:

  • Staff is a permanent member of staff and uses their computer for over 50% of their working day
  • User qualifies as above and needs Microsoft Office installing on their machine

Shared machines are available on campus with the full Microsoft Office suite on if you do not qualify as above but occasionally need the full version.

Please also note that although a wide range of software is available, this does not necessarily imply that IT Services is able to support it on all hardware and in all situations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is all Microsoft software free?

A selection is leased by the university and centrally funded. This means that you can update previous versions at no cost, and use previous versions.

What if the Microsoft software I want is not available?

If the software is not available under Campus Agreement, IT Services may be able to assist. Please contact us.

Contact IT Services

Can I keep the software when I leave?

No. When you leave the University you must remove any copies of software acquired under Microsoft Campus Agreement. This applies to visiting academics as well as staff whose contract ends.