How to back-up your University OneDrive when leaving or graduating

You will need to back up any documents, files, and folders before you leave the University and your account expires. Once your account has expired, you will not have access to your OneDrive and the data held within it.

Logging in

Log into your Loughborough University OneDrive account online

OneDrive online

Select files

Select the files / folders you want to save by putting a tick in the check box

Image of selected files and folders


Once you have selected all the files:

  • Click Download and the selected files and folders will begin to download to your device

Save as

A Save As window will pop-up.

  • Select a location and click Save and the files downloaded will be saved in a ZIP folder,
  • You will need to extract the files in order to remove them from the folder
Image of a zipped up OneDrive folder with the Extract all icon highlighted