Self-Managed mailing lists service – To be decommissioned

The Loughborough University provided Managed lists (majordomo) are to be decommissioned.

This affects lists identified by an email address of the form: ’’.

The reason is due to much lower use with the move to using Microsoft Teams for communications; and the list service running on software which is no longer supported.

We would like all lists to be removed by Monday 28th November 2022.

We are asking list owners & members to please consider your email list requirements and prepare for the lists service decommissioning. IT Services do not intend to replace this service, like for like.

Using an existing Microsoft Team is generally a more suitable approach for replacing the communication previously undertaken with ‘Self-Managed Lists’, it offers many advantages: chat, secure file sharing & storage, and security features. A new team may be required and can be created by staff themselves; external contacts can be added if necessary.

For university clubs & groups, research groups, union activity etc, that may have many non-LU members, JiscMail  provide a mailing list service with similar and extended functionality to ‘Self-Managed Lists’. As with any email system, JiscMail should not be used for the sharing of personal data of any kind.”

Ad-hoc distribution lists/groups are limited to specific use cases including departmental groups, committees, and managing resources. Where this is an appropriate option, these can be created by the Service Desk. External membership is not possible.

List Owners will be contacted individually in due course..

Please Note, this does not affect: Outlook Distribution Groups or System Generated Lists: e.g. those addresses in the form: 

Can I get more information and help?

If you have further questions or queries, please contact Matt Smith at

Current Majordomo Mailing Lists information can be found at: