Reward Club

Frequently asked questions

What is the Loughborough University Reward Club?

The Loughborough University Reward Club App is a smartphone only rewards solution enabling you to earn and redeem some great deals when you use your app in participating Shops, Cafés and Bars on food and drink purchases across Loughborough University campus. You can collect and spend points on the purchases you make in participating outlets.
The scheme;
Every £1.00 spent is 5 points earned, 1 point is worth 1 penny.   

By downloading the App you will eligible to receive unique exclusive offers throughout the year from birthday treats to exclusive discounts on food and drink purchases.

How do you register for the Reward Club?

  • Download the App from the App Store or Play Store searching for “LU Rewards”
  • Register your details using @lboro / @student.lboro or tenant email address*
  • Validate your account via your registered email address
  • Once validated your account is ready to use.



How does the Reward Club App work for points and reward vouchers?

Reward Club Points;

  • Download the App from the App Store or Play Store
  • Register your details using @lboro / @student.lboro or tenant email address*
  • Visit participating outlets
  • Scan the single use QR code at a till point for each transaction 
  • Buy goods from any participating outlet to collect points
  • Earn enough points to spend on full product purchases


Reward Club Reward Vouchers;

  • Receive exclusive offers for being part of the Reward Club 
  • Be rewarded for your loyalty
  • Redeem given or earned reward vouchers 
  • Save money and treat your self

Where can I use my Reward Club App?

The Reward Club App can be used in any of the following locations:

East side of campus;

  • Martin Hall Café
  • Arts café
  • Design School Shop

Central Campus;

  • EHB (Edward Herbert Building) Grill
  • EHB (Edward Herbert Building) Shop
  • Village Bar
  • James France Shop
  • Library Café
  • Library Shop

West Side of Campus;

  • Sir David Davies Café
  • Wolfson Shop
  • West Park Café
  • Holywell Café
  • SportPark Café

The Student Union building and Purple Onion are not part of the Reward Club.

Please click here to see more details on the food and drink outlets on campus that are part of the Reward Club.

How do I collect/earn points on the Rewards Club App?

When you get to the till, open your app and press the QR tag to generate a code. Scan the code on the white scanner at any time during your purchase. Your points will be instantly added to your account.

Please note in order to receive points the transaction total needs to be above £1.00 to receive 5 points. If the cost is 99p no rewards points will be given. So, remember to keep your transactions above whole £1.00’s to receive maximum points. 

What can’t I earn points on?

You don’t earn points on the following transactions;

  • When spending your points
  • When collecting stamps towards a reward voucher 
  • When you redeem an earned* or given reward voucher
  • Points can’t be used/earnt in conjunction with any other offer/reward voucher or promotion
  • When paying with a department charge code or voucher via an account payment type 

*earned reward vouchers have been designed to be a unique offer that far out weights the collection of normal points so don’t feel sad about not collecting points on these items. Go for the big reward and collect all those stamps! E.g. Buy 6 hot drinks to receive 7th free.

How do I spend my points?

You can spend your points any time on almost anything in participating outlets and get that wonderful ‘I’ve paid with my points’ feeling. When you get to the till, simply scan your Rewards Club App by opening the QR tag to generate a code. Scan the code on the white scanner at any time during your purchase and let the cashier know you would like to pay with your points.

You can’t spend points on items that are part of the Reward Vouchers as they are already discounted.

You cannot part pay with Rewards Club points, so you’ll need the full product payment amount of points for the product you choose. For example, 125 points will pay for a product priced at £1.25. The total price in points will then be deducted from your Rewards Club balance. If you only had 124 points you wouldn’t be able to spend your points this time, sorry. Other items can be purchased and paid for in the same transaction if you have another payment type.

How do I check my points balance?

There is a Reward Club points statement at the bottom of your till receipt, which will tell you how many points you have collected with each purchase and how many you have collected all together. You can also find out your balance by opening the App and viewing balances along with all transactions made using the Reward Club App. By default, we have set the system to not give a receipt on transactions that are using the Reward Club App as you will be able to view all transactions and balances within the App/website. You can ask the cashier for a receipt if you would like one.

How do I check my points balance online?

To check your points online, you’ll need to register on the

and link your Reward Club App with your account. Once registered and logged in, your points balance will show at the top of the page.

What happens if there is a technical difficulty with the Rewards Club?

Unfortunately, sometimes technical difficulties do happen if for some reason you encounter a technical difficulty when spending or earning points, collecting stamps or using vouchers at the till point, we won’t be able to process the transaction and the points, stamps or vouchers  won’t be processed. Therefore we ask for your patience whilst we restore the system so you can try again.

Can I see my transactions?

Yes, these are available under the section “Your Activity” on the website and App

Is there a limit to how many points I can collect?

No you can save up as many points as you want but we recommend spending them frequently on full product purchases.   

Can I still collect points if I don’t have a smart phone?

No unfortunately not at this given time, we are working on other compatibly solutions.
Not all smart phones are compatible, please check your smart phone app store to check availability.   

What are my vouchers?

Along with the point-based system the Reward Club app has a vouchers section.
A reward voucher can be given or earned for being part of the Reward Club. You must be signed up and registered in order to receive a given or earned reward voucher.

An example of a given reward voucher
It’s your birthday, receive a free Cake
50% off Wednesday afternoons in selected outlets
Beat the queue, have lunch before 12 to receive 10% off

An example of an earned reward voucher
Buy 6 hot drinks to receive 7th free
Buy 6 breakfasts to receive the 7th free

note these are examples only.

Vouchers do not earn points. 


All offers will be emailed to the registered email address and a push notification will be sent via the App if enabled so you don’t miss out. The Reward Club website will also have details of all current offers.  

Who is providing the service + who sends me emails?

An external company called MCR are supplying the service.

If you would like to receive offers and promotions through email, please add the below sender to your safe senders list. This is also the name of the sender email that will send your validation email when you sign up for a new account.

"MCR Systems"
We will not send you anything other than offers and promotions for the Reward Club

Do my offers expire?

Yes all offers will have expiry date, earned or given rewards will have an end date to be used by.

What are the different types of purses?

Within the Reward Club app there are 3 purses.

  • Reward Club - points earned from purchases you have made in cafes and shops.
  • Prepaid Catered Hall Meal Saver - funds added via the payment portal for catered hall meals 

If I have a problem who do I contact?

If you encounter a problem with the Reward Club please contact customer services who will be able to help with your problem

Can I leave the Rewards Club?

Yes you can leave the Reward Club at any time, we simply ask you to email us.

Please email and request to leave the Reward Club.

Inactive Accounts?

Accounts will become inactive if they don’t show activity within 2 years.

What happens if the Reward Club is terminated?

If the Reward Club is terminated you will be given at least 3 months’ notice to spend your rewards points / vouchers earned.