About us

Here at Campus Services, we share one team vision to contribute to the University strategy by continuing to invest in our staff and educating for success by providing a range of attractive food and catered environments where students, staff and visitors can learn, meet, rest and collaborate.

Through the coming years catering is committed to building engaging Cafés and Shops in-line with the development plans of Loughborough University to ensure our campus has vibrant, modern and relaxing environments.


To collaborate with Campus Services to create modern, vibrant and inspiring Cafés and Shops creating a community feel to promote sharing, learning and networking for world-changing ideas. We hope to anchor communities around our Cafés and Shops.


To exceed customer expectations through being creative, inspirational, passionate, focused and by celebrating success.

Cafés and Shops will focus its impact through the following goals to deliver this strategy:

  1. Retail Growth. Build a flexible Café and Shops strategy that identifies and includes emerging trends that are able to be progressively enacted and offer a variety of options for our campus
  2. Student Experience and Engagement. Build strong networks of student/staff engagement resulting in a strong customer journey 
  3. People and Culture. Attract and retain quality people to support campus services in delivering its strategic outcomes 
  4. Business Transformation. Ensure that all offerings are reviewed on a periodic basis and all policies and procedures streamlined to meet the customer need. 
  5. Digital Innovation. Create a brand that our customer feels they belong to 
  6. Sustainability. Campus services is committed to balancing sustainability with a high level of customer service


Cafés and Shops embraces the following challenges in achieving its goals:

  • Delivery of student experience activity that has sufficient flexibility to meet the varying needs of the students and staff.
  • Delivering financial outcomes to support the Cafés and Shops and service growth plans.
  • Transforming our business models into dynamic and responsive operations.
  • The ability to keep up with changing and emerging digital content and payment methods.
  • Delivering increased service activity while maintaining a responsible operating surplus to continue change and investment.