Real Wrap Sandwich Supplier

Pantry food and drink

New supplier announced for retail outlets around campus

Pantry food and drink

Food-to-go supplier Real Wrap Co. have started selling their products in the University’s retail outlets as part of a new partnership with Loughborough.

With a focus on providing a range of delicious food-to-go products, the company is committed to satisfying staff and students with their products which use quality ingredients and innovative on-trend recipes.

The outlets will be offering sandwiches, wraps, salads, snacks, and drinks produced by Real Wrap Co.

Many of their products are suitable for vegetarians, vegans and those who are gluten intolerant.

Not only this, but they are also dedicated to making sure they minimise their impact on the environment.

Their environmentally-friendly commitments include:

  • Using only sustainably sourced palm oil
  • 100% recyclable salad packaging
  • Zero food waste when making sandwiches
  • And converting any other food waste into bio-gas and fertiliser to make electricity
  • Using MSC certified tuna
  • And even recycling their leftover crusts into beer!

As part of the new partnership, sandwich recycling bins have been placed across campus to encourage staff, students and visitors of the University to separate their waste and recycle correctly. They will be located at Edward Herbert Building, West Park Teaching Hub, James France and the Design School.

Talking about why Real Wrap Co. was chosen as the new supplier, Environmental Manager Nik Hunt commented: “I was involved in the tender process and asked a lot of questions around the suppliers sustainability credentials but also about the products they would be supplying. 

“Of all the packaging and products seen and the responses provided, The Real Wrap Co provided the best responses around environmental sustainability and we could see a real opportunity to work with them and improve our sustainability as a result.  We will be working with them to develop these solutions over the coming months.”

Jason, Real Wrap Co’s co-founder, added: “We are overjoyed to be working with Loughborough University, providing students and staff with quality and flavoursome food-to-go. What has shone out to us is Loughborough’s commitment to improving their environmental credentials, which is amazing to see given the current demand for responsible retailing. We ourselves are always looking for ways to improve our sustainability, and are excited to trial many possible solutions with the University in the near future!”

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