Current students

Re-applying to halls

Continue living in halls for your second, third or fourth year.

We recognise that this has been a difficult year for everyone, many of your hall social activities and events have been restricted and you have not been able to experience the social and lively atmosphere that Loughborough is known for!  We would love for you to return to your hall next year to experience life in halls as it should have been…

We have lots of students who decide to stay living in halls and a third of all our rooms are for returning students. 

Online applications have re-opened for late requests, you can still apply to live in halls for 22/23. Please note opions will now be limited to certain halls and room types.

See our dedicated webpage for useful information and advice about your accommodation options for your next year of student at Loughborough

A few things to note:

  • Students paying full International Tuition Fees are normally guaranteed a hall place within the same hall for any two years of study providing they submit an application prior to the February deadline.
  • Returning students are allocated a room at the warden's discretion.
  • If you have been elected onto the hall committee your warden may put a room on hold for you, however you MUST still apply before the deadline to secure your accommodation.
  • If you need a room for a disability-related reason, please note this under ‘do you want a particular room’. If you wish to return to an adapted/wheelchair accessible room, you should also email us your request. See FAQ - Additional requirements.
  • Applications from students with outstanding accommodation fees will not be offered accommodation.
  • If you are going on placement but have not yet received an offer, we suggest that you apply for a hall place. Your room contract will be cancelled upon completion of an Accommodation Cancellation Form and proof of your subsequent placement (within the required timescale).
  • If you have arranged to go on placement for Semester 2, please note on your application that you will require a First Semester Licence only. If you have arranged to go on placement for Semester 1, please contact us in November 2022 to apply for Second Semester accommodation.
  • If you wish to cancel an accepted Licence, you may only do so prior to 1 June 2022, you will be liable for cancellation charges.
  • If you will be graduating and intend to return to Loughborough as a Postgraduate student, you can apply online for accommodation from April 2022 - please see our How to apply information.

For 2022-23

  • Committee members (living in the hall), shall receive 10% discount off accommodation fees (excluding catering element in catered halls).

Please see our hall fees guide for 2022-23. 

Current Art & Design Foundation course students
If you are currently on the Art Foundation programme, you will not be able to apply as a returning student.  You should apply for your accommodation via UCAS as a new Undergraduate student, you will receive further information on how and when to apply from May 2022.