Your questions answered

Firm choice offer holders

Why can I not see a self-catered ensuite room to reserve during my time slot?

The room reservation system is a live system and all available options will be visible. If you can’t see a self-catered ensuite room, it means that they there are no longer any available. You’ll need to select something from the options that are available. The rooms available for each timeslot are assigned proportionality depending on school and gender, so there is equal opportunity to reserve a particular room type in each session.

Self-catered ensuite rooms only make up a small percentage of our room stock therefore we advise you to consider all your options when applying. Each hall has its own unique hall spirit so consider the experience you’ll have in your accommodation rather than the type of room you’re staying in. If after arriving you are still unhappy with your accommodation, there will be an opportunity to register a request to move via a transfer waiting list available from late October. We will endeavour to help you where possible subject to availability.

Can I swap my time slot for a different time?

All the timeslots are divided equally based on course type and gender to ensure a balance of undergraduates in each hall. You can log in at any time after your time slot has started, however applications are reserved on a first come first served basis, therefore the options available for your session will be significantly reduced. It isn’t possible to be assigned to a different session, so if you are unavailable you will need to choose someone to apply on your behalf. Ensure this person has an extensive list of your preferred options and access to your accommodation account. You will also need to provide them with your UCAS ID number and make them a nominated contact.

I accidentally rejected my accommodation offer, what should I do?

If you didn’t mean to reject the offer or you changed your mind about accepting the room, you will need to contact us as soon as possible. Our team can check whether the room offer can be reinstated or discuss what options are available.

Can I swap the room I’ve already reserved?

If you couldn’t reserve your preferred room type it’s important to look at your priorities. If self-catered is more important, then your current selection is probably the best option as its unlikely a self-catered ensuite will become available. If you don’t accept the offer a member of our team can discuss your options, but these will be limited subject to availability. If after moving in your still unhappy with your accommodation there will be an opportunity to join a transfer waiting list from late October.

I have been unable to reserve a suitable room as I need an en-suite room for my medical condition. What should I do?

If you have a medical condition, you can complete the disability and health portal. You will attach evidence to support your request and your needs will be assessed by the student wellbeing team. We will aim to offer you an alternative that meets your needs. Please be aware at this stage the offers are subject to availability.

The room allocation process seems unfair, I logged in as soon as possible and I couldn’t see the room I wanted to reserve?

We limit the number of students who are able to apply in each session to reduce the demand on our website to ensure everything runs smoothly. The available room stock is split proportionately between each session, and can only be viewed by the people in that session, therefore everyone has a fair and equal opportunity to reserve the accommodation of their choice. The system does get very busy and some room types will be reserved very quickly. We cannot guarantee that your first choice room will be available but each of our halls has a brilliant reputation with its own identity so consider all accommodation options.

Why have I been disadvantaged by the timeslot I was given and why are the slots by gender?

In order for the system to open on a staggered basis, all rooms are coded by school and gender which is split proportionality with the student intake. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been given the first or the last time slot because other sessions will not be able to see the rooms that match your school and gender, you will still have equal access to all room options.

At Loughborough we like to consider Halls as Communities requiring a balance of gender, course, and year in each Hall. The allocation system prevents too many students who share the same course or gender from being allocated to the same Hall.

I am having technical problems, what should I do?

If you are experiencing technical issues, please contact us so we can investigate further.

I cannot register an account, what do I need to do?

There are several reasons why you may not be able to register:

  • Check all your personal details are correct
  • Ensure you are trying to register at the correct time for your school
  • If you are an insurance student, you won’t be eligible to register until the 22nd August 10:00 BST

If you are still experiencing difficulties, please contact us so we can investigate further.

I’m a parent calling on behalf of my son/daughter. They haven’t been contacted about accommodation, but Loughborough is their firm choice, what do they need to do?

Your son/daughter will need to check their emails, including their junk inbox as its possible they haven’t seen the information we have sent. We advise all students regularly check their email inbox at this important time. If they can’t find any correspondence from student accommodation, they will need to contact us for further advice.

If I am room reserving from a different country, do I need to consider the time difference?

All the timeslots can be viewed on our announcements page, they are all give in British Summer Time (BST) You will need to make sure to login and room reserve at BST time so check online prior to applying.

I have been locked out the website, what should I do?

The application system will not allow you to be logged in to more than one session; therefore you will not be able to login on multiple devices. If your browser is closed without you logging out, you will be prevented from logging back into the system for 15 minutes. If you also attempt to log in too early this will also prevent you from logging back in for another 15 minutes.

Insurance and Clearing students

I’m an insurance student and cannot book any accommodation, when and how can I do this?

As an insurance choice student, you will be able to apply through our preference system at 10:00am BST on 22 August. You can select three preferences based on an area of the campus, a room type and catering. The preferences will be used as a guide, accommodation is allocated based on availability. Once you’ve made your selection you will see a summary of your request in an email.

I have been accepted at Loughborough through Clearing. How do I apply for accommodation?

If you have accepted a place through clearing or adjustment, your are guaranteed accommodation offer. You will be able to apply through our preference system at 10:00am BST on 22 August. You can select three preferences based on an area of the campus, a room type and catering. The preferences will be used as a guide, accommodation is allocated based on availability. Once you’ve made your selection you will see a summary of your request in an email. We endeavour to issue offers of accommodation by early September.

I am an undergraduate coming with my partner, can we share a double room in Harry French?

Accommodation for couples is extremely limited and subject to availability. Double rooms are for single occupancy only. We have a small number of self-contained flats which can be offered with double occupancy, an additional person supplement of £25 per week would be added to the fees.