Our BRC-funded researchers

Discover more about the Loughborough University staff members who are core-funded by the NIHR Leicester Biomedical Research Centre, as well as their research into illnesses linked to respiratory conditions, cardiovascular disease, Type 2 diabetes, chronic kidney disease and the consequences of inactivity.

Professor Lettie Bishop

Professor Lettie Bishop

Professor of Exercise Immunology

Lettie’s work focuses on the role of physical activity & exercise in lowering immune-mediated chronic inflammation, which underpins many chronic conditions including cardiometabolic diseases.

Prof Stacy Clemes

Professor Stacy Clemes

Professor of Active Living & Public Health

Stacy's research focuses on the impact of physical activity and sedentary behaviour on markers of health and wellbeing.

Amanda Daley

Professor Amanda Daley

Professor of Behavioural Medicine

Amanda’s work is focused on investigating the effects of lifestyle interventions on health outcomes in delivered in NHS and public health settings.

Dale Esliger

Dr Dale Esliger

Reader in Digital Health

Dale’s research focuses on the skilled deployment of novel digital health technologies to quantify the dose-response relationship between physical activity, sedentary behaviour and health.

Dr Richard Ferguson

Dr Richard Ferguson

Reader in Human and Exercise Physiology

Richard’s research looks at improving performance & health through exercise and the use of novel interventions, including the potential use of blood flow restricted exercise in rehabilitation.

Prof Jonathan Folland

Professor Jonathan Folland

Professor of Neuromuscular Performance

Jonathan investigates the function of human muscle and our ability to move, including how function is compromised by ageing, injury and pathology as well as the beneficial effects of exercise.

Dr Lewis James

Dr Lewis James

Reader in Human Nutrition

Lewis' research focuses on the use of nutrition to enhance exercise performance, with a particular focus on fluid and electrolyte balance and exercise in the heat.

Dr Will Johnson

Dr Will Johnson

Senior Lecturer in Epidemiology and Population Health

Will researches child growth & development and the life course epidemiology of obesity. His specific interests include modelling heterogeneity in the effects of body size on disease outcomes.

Dr James King

Dr James King

Senior Lecturer in Exercise Physiology

James investigates the interaction between physical activity and obesity-related metabolic health conditions, particularly type 2 diabetes and chronic liver disease.

Professor Mark Lewis

Professor Mark Lewis

Dean of School, Professor of Musculoskeletal Biology

Mark researches muscle cellular & molecular physiology and biomedicine of sport & exercise, specifically in-vitro 3D bone tissue modelling and functional neuromuscular & vascular regeneration.

Dr Nicola Paine

Dr Nicola Paine

Senior Lecturer in Health Psychology

Nicola investigates the interactions between the psychobiological mechanisms of stress, physical activity, sitting time and inflammation in the context of cardiovascular disease development.

Lauren Sherar

Professor Lauren Sherar

Professor of Physical Activity and Public Health

Lauren investigates the relationships between physical activity, sedentary behaviour and cardiometabolic health across the lifespan to inform interventions and policy.

Professor David Stensel

Professor David Stensel

Professor of Exercise Metabolism

David’s work focuses on the potential benefits of physical activity for regulating appetite, maintaining a healthy body composition, and lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease.