Centre for Lifestyle Medicine and Behaviour (CLiMB)

The aim of CLiMB is to identify and evaluate innovative health behaviour interventions and policies to prevent and treat chronic diseases.

The overall ambition of the Centre is to help the public to live long, healthy and happy lives.

The Centre works with researchers nationally and internationally, members of the public, public health organisations, health charities, the voluntary sector, commercial partners and the NHS.

With our partners we aim to provide policymakers and organisations with robust research evidence to improve population health and wellbeing.

CLiMB conducts research in the following areas:

  • Prevention and treatment of chronic diseases: our pioneering research tests physical activity and weight management interventions to save lives and reduce the risk of ill health
  • Brief interventions and making every contact count: we’re testing the use of innovative behaviour interventions during routine NHS appointments to help change health behaviours
  • Healthy lifestyles in children: our cutting-edge research focuses on developing and evaluating evidence-based healthy lifestyle programmes for children and young people
  • Health communication and food labelling: we test creative and innovative ways of conveying information about food and drinks to the public to make it easier to select healthier options
  • Women’s health and lifestyle behaviours: we’re investigating the benefits of innovative lifestyle interventions during pregnancy and postnatally, a high-risk time for excessive weight gain
  • Technology and the measurement of health: our expert team is developing digital health interventions that provide feedback to the public about their health.


For more information, including information on how you can collaborate with world-leading academics working in the Centre, please visit the CLiMB website.