Sport, business and society

Our research explores how individuals, communities and organisations engage with and facilitate sport and exercise opportunities. Our aim is to develop critical and transformative insight that can improve lives and stakeholder effectiveness.

Reflecting the complexity and intersectionality of sport and exercise practice and organisation, and its significance to the local, national and global contexts, our research is interdisciplinary.

Drawing on sociology, pedagogy, coaching, psychology, economics, marketing and policy, and our engagement with stakeholders, we critically assess the factors, structures and processes that motivate, enable and constrain people’s engagements with sport as part of their daily lives, analysing casual and informal physical activity as well as formal, organised and elite sport.

Research and innovation areas

Professional Certificate Programme for Sports Agents

Our Professional Certificate Programme for Sports Agents is designed to meet the need for a comprehensive industry qualification that covers sports law, governance and business practices. This unique programme – endorsed by the UK Association of Football Agents – is ideal for registered sports agents and anyone wishing to move into this sector.


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