Lifestyle for health and wellbeing

Encompassing research across several disciplines with the common goal of facilitating healthy living and ageing across the lifespan.

Our aim is to provide evidence-based knowledge to improve human health and wellbeing throughout an individual’s whole life by considering the social, behavioural, nutritional and biological determinants and consequences of human lifestyles.

Theme members conduct world-leading research with the common aim of providing evidence-based knowledge that facilitates improved physical and mental health and wellbeing, lowers the risk of communicable and non-communicable disease, and aids the effective management of pre-existing conditions.

Our work spans from global population research to molecular biology. As such we cover a wide range of expertise including: epidemiology, psychology, physiology, nutrition, biomechanics, human and molecular biology, rehabilitation science and social sciences.

Research and innovation areas

Revolutionising Rehabilitation

Pioneering science and technology hold the key to personalised rehabilitation. Our scientists and clinicians are working with our partners at the National Rehabilitation Centre (NRC) to pioneer new technologies and treatments to restore hope to millions of people.

Decoding how the brain talks to muscles to help regain mobility

Our scientists are using sensors to record when muscles fire and find the code that the brain sends to muscles to produce movement. This research has the potential to advance understanding of movement impaired diseases, aide rehabilitation and develop prosthesis and man-machine interfaces.

Lab-grown tissues for development of personalised therapies

Researchers at Loughborough University are bio-engineering musculoskeletal tissues to develop personalised therapies, allow ethical testing of new drugs and supplements, and provide a method of replacing injured or diseased tissues with healthy tissue derived from a patient’s own cells.

Our researchers

Research Ideas Catalogue – Knowledge and Impact (RIC-KI)

RIC-KI connects researchers across the world for open collaboration and to create motivations, networks, environments, and relationships to more readily allow scientists to collaborate.


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