Doctoral research

If you're interested in joining a dynamic community of talented researchers from around the world to explore research questions that matter, we would like to hear from you.

Our research topics

Within the Accounting and Finance group we are especially keen to receive PhD research proposals in the following areas:

  • corporate governance and accountability
  • corporate finance
  • financial markets and asset pricing.

In addition to this, group members are willing to consider PhD research proposals in the areas listed below.

Please use the list below to identify a potential supervisor(s), develop your research proposal, share this with the identified supervisor(s) and confirm they are willing to be named in support of your application. You are encouraged to ask for feedback from them to develop your research proposal. Then you should be ready to formally apply.

  • Giovanni Calice: asset pricing, credit derivatives, market microstructure, financial stability
  • Yasser Eliwa: earnings quality, earnings management, corporate disclosure, IFRS, CSR/ESG, tax avoidance and accounting standards
  • Suzana Grubnic: sustainability accounting and accountability, particularly if related to the public sector
  • Karligash Glass: banking performance analysis, spatial analysis of spillovers
  • Cynthia Gong: corporate finance, behavioural finance, empirical asset pricing, financial big data modelling and machine learning
  • Ahmet Karpuz: corporate finance, debt structure, corporate liquidity management, labor and finance, corporate investments, payout policy, bank lending
  • Frank Hong Liu: Corporate Social Responsibility, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Corporate Finance and Governance
  • Noel O’Sullivan: any area of corporate governance or auditing
  • Anna Raffoni: performance management in private organisations, the use of business analytics and big data in performance management, accounting practices in lean environments
  • Kavita Sirichand: any area of applied financial economics
  • Kai-Hong Tee: financial investment risk, liquidity risk, the foreign exchange market, hedge fund performance and asset pricing
  • Petros Vourvachis: organisational motivations for CSR reporting; relationship of CSR reporting with media pressure and corporate governance; corporate compliance with mandatory CSR initiatives
  • Nhung Vu: corporate finance, corporate governance, and financial markets
  • Stavroula Yfanti: macro-financial linkages, empirical finance, financial volatility modelling, financial contagion, risk management
  • Huainan Zhao: corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, corporate governance, empirical asset pricing, financial markets