Water Engineering and Development Centre

Organizational reviews and sector policy

Strengthening organizations in the WASH sector is generally recognised as a key priority. Different sub-sectors such as urban water, urban sanitation and rural WASH, each have a different range of key stakeholders, although in general terms, there are formal service providers, non-state providers (private and civil society), plus various Government institutions involved in policy making, regulation and sector co-ordination. A key challenge is getting the best out of the various stakeholders to enhance service improvements. WEDC has undertaken significant research, consultancy and capacity development work in this area, focusing particularly on organizational analyses, policy reviews, enhancing services to the poor and specific studies.

If you would like to find out more about WEDC’s work is this area, please contact Dr Sam Kayaga or Kevin Sansom.

Projects in this area

In addition to the projects listed above, other organizational review and sector policy projects WEDC has undertaken include:

  • Partnership options and guidelines for commercial utilities/local authorities and community-based service providers in peri-urban settlements of Zambia
  • Regulating public and private partnerships for the poor (research funded by DFID)
  • Charging to enter the water shop? (research funded by DFID)