Water Engineering and Development Centre

Monitoring and evaluation

Evaluation of Africa water facility projects

Location Client Dates Value
Global WaterAid 2009-2011 (Call down support)

WEDC staff involved:

Summary of project activities and outcomes:

Strategic support for WaterAid’s Programme Effectiveness Unit: performance monitoring frameworks, outcome and impact evaluation policy, measurement of programme effectiveness and organisational indicators for global strategy. This was led by Andy Cotton of WEDC.

The final stage of this project involved meta-analysis of findings in the seven performance outcome areas from 8 country programme evaluations to which the new evaluation policy was applicable. This enabled three specific areas of programming strengths and weakness to be identified which were subsequently categorised into a set of key organisational programming priorities and learning points. This was approached by aggregating the findings for each evaluation question across the 8 studies into an ‘outcome status’ using the ordinal scores developed.