Water Engineering and Development Centre

Capacity development

Training for Real

Location Client Dates Value
Uganda DfID, UK 2005 Contract value US$600,000

WEDC staff involved:

Summary of project activities and outcomes:

In recognition of the needs and problems associated with capacity building, a project focusing on the sector-wide issues of capacity building was started in 2003. It aimed to look at the foundations of human resource development, rather than a piecemeal review of curricula, courses or workshops. By improving the communication and mutual understanding of organizations supplying and demanding capacity building, the targeting of activities could be improved and a more focused, sustainable and cost-effective workforce should emerge – for the whole sector.

The original proposal for the Training for Real project focused on the issue of improving the demand and supply of capacity building, to provide: “motivated and responsive HRD and training providers, better equipped to provide employer relevant professional development of water and sanitation sector staff”.

The project offers an ideal opportunity to build on the current dialogue on capacity building between capacity building suppliers and employers in a changing institutional environment and move towards the development of an appropriate strategy for the rapidly evolving water and sanitation sector. The project started off with a consultation phase. It has moved on to various activities, such as:

  • Sector wide forums
  • Pilot training activities
  • Knowledge management assessments
  • Reporting back to the sector
  • Mentoring Human Resource Managers

Key government WASH sector organizations and training providers in Uganda participated in the programme. These stakeholders signed up to the Training for Real ideas at the first forum held. The commitment was lead by the Hon Minister of Water Development Mrs. Maria Mutagamba.

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