Water Engineering and Development Centre

Capacity development

WEDC has been providing training for professionals working in the WASH sector for over 40 years. This includes formal assessed courses leading to MScs, postgraduate diplomas and postgraduate certificates, as well as bespoke short courses for NGOs, national governments and private companies. These are often in conjunction with a local university, to build training capacity globally. Whilst the courses and training are the obvious output of this activity, these are underpinned by research into capacity building and training, to ensure that what we deliver is supported by effective human resource development practice and proven pedagogical approaches. We have also undertaken a variety of innovative capacity development projects, examples of which are listed below.

If you would like to find out more about WEDC’s work is this area, please contact Brian ReedMichael Smith or Brian Skinner.

Other capacity development projects

In addition to the projects listed above, other capacity development projects WEDC has undertaken include:

  • Evaluation of Capacity building to Improve Humanitarian Action in the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Sector (Tearfund) 
  • Developing a Capacity Building Framework for NGOs in the WatSan Sector [DFID/ UWASNET] 
  • Review of Capacity building in WatSan training [DACAAR]

Postgraduate programmes

Annual training courses

  • Water, Hygiene And Sanitation for Health (MSF) 
  • Strategic Approaches to Water, Hygiene and Sanitation (MSF) 
  • Excreta Disposal in Emergencies (Université de Neuchâtel/ ICRC)

Bespoke training courses

  • Equity and Inclusion [WaterAid] 
  • Sustainable community management of rural water supply, sanitation and hygiene [UNICEF Malawi] 
  • Emergency sanitation (Austrian Red Cross) 
  • Senior and Intermediate WES Managers Training South Sudan [UNICEF] 
  • Integrated Urban Water Resources Management [Philippine cities] 
  • Emergency Water Supply and Sanitation [UNICEF Liberia] 
  • Water Supply and Sanitation for Low-income Communities [in association with Ugandan Management Institute] 
  • Groundwater Development, Water Quality, Water Treatment, Pumping Systems and Pipe Networks [Mercy Corps – Iraq/Jordan] 
  • Practical latrine Building – Kumasi Ghana

Online courses

Educational support and course development

  • University of Eduardo Mondale, Mozambique [WSUP] 
  • University of Njala, Sierra Leone [DFID]

Key publications

Publications and reports

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Conference papers

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