​Reporting via ResearchFish

researchfish®is an online system used by the majority of UK research funders (including UK Research Councils, British Heart Foundation and Cancer Research UK) to collate information about outputs, outcomes and impact of the research they fund.

For further information about researchfish® including a full list of funders that use it please visit the researchfish® website.

Who needs to fill in a researchfish® return?

Principle Investigators (PIs) that hold a grant awarded by funders that use researchfish® must complete an annual return. This includes fellowship holders and all UKRI postgraduate students (you will receive an email if this applies to you). PIs must complete a return every year of their award and for five years after the award closes.

What information should be included

There are no mandatory fields in researchfish®. However, we would encourage you to complete as many sections as relevant. Depending on the stage of your research project, you may wish to add the following information:

Initial stages

  • Collaborations & Partnerships
  • Engagement Activities

Middle stages

  • Research Tools and Methods
  • Research Database and Models
  • Software and Technical Products

Middle / end stages

  • Publications
  • IP & Licensing
  • Awards & Recognition

End / post-project

  • Further Funding
  • Other Outputs & Knowledge/Future Steps
  • Use of Facilities and Resources

Anything in your researchfish® submission may be made publicly available on Gateway to Research, so only disclose what can be in public domain.

Even if you have no outcomes that have arisen from your grant during the year, you are still required to make a “null” submission in researchfish® during the reporting period.

When do I need to submit my researchfish® return?

Each funder has a slightly different submission period. You will receive an email from your funder when it is close to your submission time giving you a window of time to complete your return.

What happens if I do not make a researchfish® submission?

It is part of the standard terms and conditions of awards from funders that use researchfish® that a submission is completed on a yearly basis and for five years after the completion of the award. If you do not make a submission there may be an immediate freeze of funding and you may be prevented from applying for further awards. 

Sanctions will apply to Research Council-funded researchers who do not make a submission each year during the Submission Period, even if this is a nil-submission, further information is available hereAt present no sanctions will be applied to students.

Who can help?

For technical help and support with using the system, researchfish® provide a support email address support@researchfish.com and have a comprehensive online help and support webpage.

Further assistance is also provided by the Research Policy team who can be contacted at Researchpolicy@lboro.ac.uk