Sound summit 2 logo for virtual launch

Welcome from Marsha Meskimmon, Director of IAS

The IAS is committed to fostering dynamic international research collaborations of the highest calibre. In these difficult times, we are especially pleased to have supported Loughborough’s Sound Theme leads in working with our international Sound Theme Fellows, to put together a virtual Sound Summit 2. This body of work celebrates both the wonders of sound design research and our determination to remain connected with one another in times of deep uncertainty. We trust that visitors to Sound Summit 2 will enjoy the events and interviews – you are also welcome to listen to the recordings from Sound Summit 1.

IAS Virtual Sound Summit 2

Sound: An artistic exploration and a design conversation

April 2020

Professor Hua Dong introduces the launch of the second IAS Sound Theme Summit

We are delighted to announce that the IAS Sound Theme is launching its second summit virtually! In this ‘strange’ time, we hope the virtual ‘Sound Summit’ will make us stay optimistic, interactive and cheerful, and encourage us to communicate and create while staying at home.

Sound is a fundamental and rich source of information, yet often overlooked. We probably notice it more when we work from home: the birds’ song, human voice and background noise. Sound creates our moods and contributes to the transformation of our experience. 
Last year, in as part of Sound Summit 1, Professors Timothy Leighton and Trevor Cox discussed ‘Sound’ from a science and engineering perspective. This year, the musician Prof. Wolfgang Wagenhäuser and the designer Dr. Yinan Zhang will help us to explore the space and time of sound and the art of sound visualization.  
We are extremely grateful to Professor Wagenhäuser and Dr Zhang for their efforts and cooperation in preparing material for this summit under difficult circumstances.  
The ‘Sound’ theme is one of the annual themes (2019/20) of the Institute of Advanced Studies (IAS), Loughborough University. The Sound team is composed of twenty members from six different disciplines. We plan to host the third Sound Summit in June 2020.