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The IAS is located in International House, at the centre of the Midlands campus, where we enjoy high-quality, bespoke accommodation for seminars, networking events and co-working.

Requesting to use International House

There is the opportunity to request space at International House for cognate activity, such as international research and interdisciplinary work, subject to availability. The person making the request must be present on the day and is responsible for returning the space to order and securing it after use. This would also be subject to no other IAS events are using the space at the time, for more details, please download the form below.

Our team

Professor Marsha Meskimmon

Director of the Institute of Advanced Studies

Laura Dale

Research Development Officer

Kieran Teasdale

Senior Administrative Officer

Connor Higgins

Administrative Officer

IAS Academic Advisory Board

Wael Bahsoun

Professor of Mathematics

Ksenia Chmutina

Professor of Disaster Studies

Duncan Depledge

Lecturer in Geopolitics and Security

Arianna Maiorani

Reader in Linguistics and Multimodality

Martin Sykora

Senior Lecturer in Information Management

Samantha L Winter

Senior Lecturer

Doctoral Leaders – the IAS Postgraduate Internship Programme

Umer Jadoon

Doctoral Leader

Sophie Milnes

Doctoral Leader

Ghazaleh Mazaheri Tehrani

Doctoral Leader