About us

Loughborough University’s Institute of Advanced Studies (IAS) builds on a long-established record of international research collaboration that reaches across all fields and disciplines.

The IAS hosts Residential and Visiting Fellows from around the world who engage with us through a wide range of research activities during the year. We organise an annual Theme (in 2023-24, Gestation: Bodies, Technologies, Ecologies, Justice), periodic Roundtables and Spotlight Series (e.g. Planetary Feminisms and Pacifism and Nonviolence), and a varied schedule of international and interdisciplinary research seminars and workshops delivered by Fellows associated with our Open Programme. In 2020, we launched the IAS Residential Fellowship programme, designed to bring exceptional international scholars, artists, writers and public intellectuals to Loughborough for month-long research residencies, and we are pleased to be welcoming another stellar cohort to the campus during 2023-24. Browse our Video Library to enjoy some of the seminars presented by IAS Fellows over the years.

We welcome conversations with colleagues from within the University and internationally who might be interested in opportunities for participating in our programmes and making connections with Loughborough’s vibrant research community through our events. We look forward to welcoming you to the IAS!

Professor Marsha Meskimmon
Director of the Institute of Advanced Studies