About us

Loughborough University’s Institute of Advanced Studies (IAS) builds on a long-established record of international research collaboration across all of our fields and disciplines.

Designed to enhance both established and emergent international research partnerships and projects, the IAS acts as a catalyst and research destination, providing an environment that encourages the development of innovative ideas, dynamic debate and challenging connections through theoretical and practical modes of enquiry.

The IAS hosts Visiting Fellows from around the world who engage with us through a wide range of research activities during the year. We organise annual Themes (for 2020-21: Time), a Festival of Ideas (in 2021:Transitions) and a responsive Open Programme, that facilitates smaller-scale research initiatives. We welcome conversations with colleagues from within the University and internationally who might be interested in participating in our Themed and/or Open Programmes.

This year, we are delighted to announce the arrival of our first cohort of IAS Residential Fellows, and we will be providing ‘Covid-safe’ opportunities for work-in-progress seminars, workshops and informal, collegial exchange, so that researchers from both our campuses can get to know the Fellows and hear about their fascinating projects.

IAS Research Legacy and Impact

The Institute was established in 2017 as the flagship initiative of the ‘Here to Stay’ programme of the University’s CALIBRE Research framework.

Our Research Legacy and Impact‌ brochure‌ outlines our achievments so far.