Travelling from East Midlands Airport to Loughborough

East Midlands Airport is only 10 miles away from Loughborough University, which means it’s incredibly quick and easy to travel to our Loughborough campus.

By taxi

If you're planning on bringing a lot of luggage with you, then it’s often easier to get a taxi. Due to its close proximity, you don’t need to pre-book a taxi as there will be lots of taxis waiting outside the airport for you and it should only cost around £15 to get a taxi from East Midlands Airport to our Loughborough campus.

If you travel by taxi it should only take around 20 minutes to arrive at our Loughborough campus.

By bus

There is a Skylink bus service which runs from East Midlands Airport and travels to Loughborough University. They run every 20 minutes and will typically cost around £11. It could take as little as 20 minutes (or however long the timetable is) to travel to our campus.

If you have a lot of luggage, we suggest that you get a taxi as this will be more comfortable than travelling by bus.

By train

Currently there is no direct train line from East Midlands Airport to Loughborough. You would need to get a taxi or bus to East midlands Parkway, where you would then be able to get a train to Loughborough train station. Upon arrival, you would be able to get a taxi or hop on a bus. There are lots of stops involved in this option, and because you’ll have lots of luggage and be tired from your flight we do not recommend this option.