Explore our Loughborough campus

Spanning across 523 acres, our friendly and welcoming campus offers superb facilities for every aspect of student life. From shops and cafes, to sports facilities and our very own night club, the single-site campus has it all.

You'll have access to state-of-the-art facilities across campus

As a Loughborough student you will have access to our incredible study facilities. With 1,375 spaces, our recently refurbished library is one of the main places you will study. You will also find various informal work spaces around campus which are perfect for working between lectures.

...which include the largest concentration of world-class sport facilities in the UK

No matter what your ability, getting involved in sport is a great way to have fun and meet new people. Our sports facilities are located throughout campus, and include a 50 metre swimming pool, badminton and netball centres, all-whether pitches, and two gyms.

We provide a wide range of accommodation both on and off campus

We have a great choice of accommodation for undergraduate and postgraduate students. You'll have the option of choosing between catered and self-catered accommodation, alongside a choice of room preferences.

All of our halls have allocated let lengths, these range from 35 weeks to 41 weeks. If you opt for accommodation which has a let length of 35 weeks, you will need to vacate your room over Easter and Christmas and then return. If you opt for accommodation which has a longer let length, you can stay in your room over Easter and Christmas, but all must vacate completely at the end of their tenancy. For this reason, we provide storage facilities for students, and international students are prioritised for this.

There are lots of things to do on campus

Our campus is full of places to meet and socialise with friends. The Students' Union is the social hub of campus, and is home to various shops and cafes. By night, the Union turns into our very own night club, playing a great range of cheesy tunes, hip-hop and chart-toppers. The Students' Union also puts on lots of events throughout the year, such as art workshops, firework shows, and acoustic music performances.

Our campus is a safe and secure place to live

Our Loughborough campus has a number of security measures in place to make sure you feel safe during your studies here in the UK. These include:

  • 24/7 security on campus
  • Secure accommodation (access via key/keypad or swipe card)
  • Medical centre located on campus
  • Free bike registration and storage

As you can imagine, our campus is quite big which is why we offer a free shuttle bus across campus for our students and many students choose to get a bike. Getting a bike is a quick and economical way to travel around our campus, and is a popular mode of transport for lots of our students.