Accounting and Finance academic group

In the Accounting and Finance group, research interests span a broad spectrum of methodologies ranging from a social science-orientated nature on the one hand, to applied financial economics on the other.

The overriding objective of group members is to produce research that is rigorous, but also relevant to contemporary accounting and finance issues and debates. Many group members possess professional as well as academic qualifications. A number of members serve or have served on prestigious academic and practitioner boards, as well as holding editorial positions in key academic journals in the field. Group members also have a strong history of securing and successfully managing external research grants.

What we do

Research in the Accounting and Finance group covers four main areas:

  • corporate finance
  • financial markets
  • management accounting
  • corporate governance and sustainability.

There is a considerable overlap between these areas, with members contributing to more than one area, as well as collaborating with colleagues in other academic groups across the School.

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