Mathematical Sciences

Undergraduate study

Study support

The Department of Mathematical Sciences provides you with extensive study resources and academic support, ranked 1st for Teaching Resources in the National Student Survey, 2014.

Mathematics Learning Support Centre (MLSC)

In your studies you may well encounter mathematics that is new and challenging to you. Loughborough's award-winning Mathematics Learning Support Centre (MLSC) gives you access to learning resources, study areas and mathematics drop-in surgeries.

The MLSC provides assistance with mathematics and statistics to the entire University, and is staffed five days a week in the teaching year. It offers an extensive range of online support, video tutorials, formulae leaflets and diagnostic tests to help you identify areas of weakness. It also provides free one-to-one support during drop-in sessions.

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Lecturers and your academic tutor

Every student is assigned a member of academic staff as their personal tutor throughout their studies. You will meet with your tutor once a week in small group tutorials during your first year.

Our approachable teaching staff operate an open-door policy. If you have further questions to ask you lecturers, you can always ask them during or after a lecture, or, if the lecturer is not in, email them to make an appointment.

You will also be able to get further help and guidance in tutorials with your Academic Tutor.

Suggested reading

We advise all new mathematics students to review their A-level knowledge before arriving at Loughborough University.

If you want to get a head-start by learning about what university mathematics is like, then you might like to have a look at one or more of the books on our list of suggested reading. They are all excellent tools to help you prepare for studying mathematics at university.