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Updates from the MLSC

Dr Axel Finke joins remote support

We are pleased to announce that Axel Finke will be joining the MLSC team in Semester 2. Axel's background is in computational and Bayesian statistics (e.g. Markov chain Monte Carlo methods and sequential Monte Carlo methods a.k.a. "particle filters") and he will be available to offer remote support with Statistics, Data Science, R/Matlab and LaTeX. Book a session with Axel

Statistics Support during the Easter Break

Over the easter break, it might be difficult for you to get support. Your advisors are on leave and there are no regular MLSC appointments available.

We have a number of appointments available with the statistics advisory service
We also noticed that many of you have similar questions regarding your dissertations. So while we can't provide the usual 1to1 sessions during the easter break, we thought you might like to join our statistics advisor Theresa for a coffee :)

This session is for any dissertation students who seek support with statistics, SPSS or quantitative research in general. Theresa will be online on Teams for anyone to drop-in and have a chat about their dissertation. Depending on how many students join the session, she will give some general advice on frequently asked questions, share SPSS tips and tricks and troubleshoot any problems you might have. 

We hope this will be a positive and helpful space for everyone who joins in. Join the MLSC Dissertations Coffee Chat at 11am -12noon on Monday and Wednesday.