New episode of the ‘School of Poetry’ podcast looks at transport poetry

Loughborough academics look at poetry that focuses on the theme of transport in a new episode of the ‘School of Poetry’ podcast.

Dr Oliver Tearle, a lecturer in English, is joined by returning guests Dr Sarah Parker and Dr Andrew Dix in this episode ‘Transport, Autogeddon and Fire Eating with Bob Hoskins’.

The trio discuss the ‘Ballade of an Omnibus’ by Amy Levy and Heathcote Williams’ ‘Autogeddon’, as well as the works of Henry David Thoreau and Hope Mirrlees.

The podcast aims to entertain as well as educate. The episode features ‘So bad, it’s good’ which finds poems on the topic of discussion that might have just missed the mark, making them interesting to dissect and discuss.

We also learn that Heathcote Williams was taught fire-eating by Bob Hoskins, a well-known actor of the period, and how he accidentally set himself on fire one time.  

Lecturer in English, Dr Sarah Parker looks at nineteenth century and early twentieth century literature with an emphasis on women’s writing, visual cultures and gender and sexualities.

Dr Andrew Dix, a lecturer in American Studies, has research interests in African-American culture, US fiction and film adaptation.

This is a timely release as Loughborough University’s PR team have just launched their Future Transport campaign which celebrates academics and projects that look to revolutionise vehicles and the way we travel.

Listen to the episode below or download from the iTunes store here. Previous episodes from the series can also be found online.