Arts scholarships

Students are able to keep up their playing and interest in music whilst at University with discounted music tuition and free access to music practice rooms. For dedicated and proven musicians, performers, writers and artists there is an annual programme of music and arts scholarships to apply for.

Music and arts scholarships

Students who prove themselves to be exceptionally talented, passionate and committed to the arts in any form could receive one of nine annual music and arts scholarships. These scholarships are designed to support extra-curricular activity and to encourage students to continue their involvement in the arts whilst at University. Scholarships are currently available in music (including instrumental, singing and singer/songwriter/contemporary artist), creative writing/spoken word, performing arts and multimedia (artists working in any medium). Each scholarship package includes a cash prize of £200 and free tuition or mentoring for the year. There are also opportunities for scholars to perform at and/or organise events to help contribute to the creative life of the University. Students apply for these scholarships at the start of the academic year.

Discover Loughborough’s Music and Arts Scholarships

LU Arts offers students scholarships in both music and various art forms. Here are what some of our winners had to say about receiving them.

Music tuition and music practice rooms

Loughborough University students can enjoy discounted music tuition in singing, piano, guitar (classical, electric and acoustic), violin, viola, cello, brass, flute, clarinet and saxophone. Music tuition can be booked in blocks of 8 hours per semester, with the length and frequency of lessons agreed between the student and tutor. Music tuition is available to beginners as well as more advanced musicians and must be booked at the beginning of each semester.

Any students can sign up for free access to the music practice rooms on campus, which are available seven days a week (8am to 10pm). Each of the practice rooms is equipped with a piano and there is a large practice room for amplified instrument/small group practice sessions. 

In addition to music tuition and music practice rooms, there are numerous ensembles and societies at Loughborough University for students with a musical interest to join, including a University Choir, LSU Classical, LSU Sing!, Gospel Choir, Tuxedo SwingYour Sound and Music Society. You can find out more about all the societies available here.

For more information please email or visit the LU Arts website.