Music and Art Scholarships

An annual programme of music and arts scholarships is offered by LU Arts – the University’s extra-curricular arts programme. These scholarships recognise and develop talent and potential in any art form including music, creative writing, performing arts and visual arts.

Music and art scholarships

Students who exhibit a clear skill and passion for an art form outside of their studies could receive one of nine annual music and arts scholarships. These scholarships are designed to support talent development, enabling students to progress in their chosen art form. It is not about ‘being the best’, rather it is about showing passion and clearly articulating what benefits the scholarship would offer.

Scholarships are available in any art form, which may include musicians, singers, writers, performers, dancers, photographers, film makers and artists working in any medium. Each scholarship package includes a cash prize and a tailored package of support for the year. This support may include tuition, training or mentoring. There are also opportunities for scholars to perform at and/or organise events to help contribute to the creative life of the University.

Students apply for these scholarships at the start of each academic year and they are not related to their studies. 

Discover Loughborough’s Music and Arts Scholarships

LU Arts offers students scholarships in both music and various art forms. Here are what some of our winners had to say about receiving them.