Student Finance

University students

Your fees, Your University

What’s included in your fees, where the University’s money comes from, and what your fees help to fund.

UK/EU Tuition Fees

  2016-17 2017-18 2018-19 onwards
Full-time students £9,000 £9,250 Previous year’s fees plus an inflationary increase in line with the levels set by the Government.
Erasmus+/study year abroad £1,350 £1,385 15% of the full-time fee
Sandwich placement year £880 £1,800 * 20% of the full-time fee

* The placement year tuition fee was re-evaluated to take into account the full cost of providing student support and access to University facilities during the placement year.

What's included in your tuition fee


  • Lectures, seminars, group work and workshops
  • Organisation, invigilation and marking of exams and coursework
  • Materials allowance for practical progammes
  • Access to state-of-the-art lab kit and facilities


  • Careers advice, counselling, disability support, housing and financial advice
  • The library, IT, mathematics support, study skills sessions
  • Some of our student bursaries and scholarships


  • Admission, registration, timetabling and bursaries, scholarships and loans
  • Graduation organisation and family tickets


  • Free on-campus bus travel
  • Maintenance of buildings and campus areas

Student experience

  • Many on-campus sports facilities
  • Students’ Union membership
  • Some arts activities

What's not included

Not included

  • Accommodation
  • Meals
  • Re-examination
  • Hire of graduation gowns
  • Casual booking of sports facilities, gym and swim membership, fitness and dance classes
  • Membership of sports clubs, societies and the Students Union’ Media Centre
  • Parking permits

How universities in the UK are funded

2007-08 When UK undergraduates were paying £3,000 per year in tuition fees…

Funding chart 1
  • The Government provided 36.2% of universities’ funding.
  • 15.8% came from grants for research.
  • Hall fees, catering and donations, for instance, accounted for 21.3% of universities’ funding.
  • And 26.7% of universities’ income came from students’ tuition fees.

2012-13 When UK undergraduates first paid £9,000 per year in tuition fees…

Funding chart 2
  • The Government provided just 24.1% of universities’ funding.
  • 16.4% came from grants for research.
  • Hall fees, catering and donations, for instance, accounted for 19.5% of universities’ funding.
  • And 40% of universities’ income came from students’ tuition fees.

Where Loughborough's money comes from

The University's income and expenditure for 2015-16

The University’s income for 2015-16 £271.1 million

The University’s expenditure in 2015-16 £261.5 million

* The University submits an Access Agreement to the Office For Fair Access (OFFA) on an annual basis for approval, outlining its commitments in terms of investment in student financial support and initiatives to widen access to higher education, enhance student success and progression. View the University’s Access Agreements.

£291.4 million Income   -   £275.1 million Expenditure   =   £16.3 million surplus not profit

Past years' surpluses have helped to fund...

6 lecture theatre and study area refurbishments

£21million Design School

£4million Library redevelopment

Improvements to 5 halls of residence

£5 million Holywell Fitness Centre

3 Multi-Use Games Areas

£3million West Park Teaching Hub

New artificial 3G rugby pitch installed

Tennis centre refurbished