Care Leavers Bursary

In addition to the Loughborough University Bursary (formerly the Loughborough Scholarship Programme), further cash bursaries and tuition fee waivers are available to UK students who are care leavers. Please note this is not available to students from Wales, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.

Loughborough welcomes students who are leaving care to study at the University. We believe anyone with the potential to study at university should have the opportunity to do so, and we provide a range of support for care leavers as a result. This includes an enhanced Loughborough University Bursary (previously known as the Loughborough Scholarship Programme)

Care leavers are usually considered as independent students for the purpose of student finance, and are often therefore eligible for the highest levels of financial support. In terms of the Loughborough University Bursary, care leavers are entitled to an enhanced package of support.

This includes an additional bursary and tuition fee waiver in each year of a standard three-year degree course, plus additional support for students undertaking a Foundation course (except Art and Design Foundation Studies) or an integrated Master's course. 

Care Leavers Bursary (2021)

The table below details the financial support available to full-time undergraduate care leavers starting in 2021.

Household IncomeCare leavers
£25,000 and under £2,700 bursary / £3,000 tuition fee waiver across each year of a standard 3-year degree course (plus additional for foundation / extended Master's courses

Financial support may also be available from the student’s local authority, but this varies widely from area to area.