How to pay your tuition fees

How you fund your studies will affect how you pay your tuition fees. Learn how you will be expected to pay your tuition fees below.

You will be charged at the start of the academic year, and will be liable for fees 3 times across the year (once each term.) It is therefore extremely important to have the appropriate funds in place beforehand and to know exactly what you have to do in order to pay your tuition fees.

All student payments are made via our online payment portals.

At Loughborough, tuition and accommodation fees can be paid in three instalments over the academic year in October, January and May.

Full details on payment arrangements will be sent to new students once they have firmly accepted their offer at the University. Before beginning a programme of study, students will be asked to provide a guarantee showing they have access to the necessary financial resources.

For more information please visit the Finance Office.

Student loan

If you have successfully applied for a student loan to cover your tuition fees, Student Finance England will then pay us directly on your behalf.

Likewise, Student Finance Wales (SFW), Student Finance Northern Ireland (SFNI) and the Student Awards Agency for Scotland (SAAS) will also pay the University directly provided you are eligible and have given them the correct information.

Please note: the payment process is automated and is only triggered when these details match. Any discrepancy may result in a delay to your tuition fee and you may be invoiced for the fee amount. You must also give the correct cost of the course you are taking.


If you are self-funded, you have the option to pay the tuition fees manually or in automated instalments. There are three instalment dates (October, January and May) and the statement will be sent to your University email address, so it’s important that you check your inbox regularly.

All fees (including tuition, accommodation and other charges) are payable through the Finance Office.

Sponsored students

The University provides some company sponsored courses in Civil and Building Engineering and Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering. For information about other sponsorship opportunities please contact the relevant school/department.

In addition some students can be offered sponsorship by their host company following a successful placement year or by applying to businesses directly. Sponsorship schemes are also offered through professional institutions, such as the Institute of Mechanical Engineers.

Paying tuition fees

If you are expecting to have your fees paid for you by a sponsor, they will be invoiced directly and you do not need to worry about paying them yourself.

You will need to provide the Finance Office with proof that your sponsor has agreed to pay. This should be a formal letter from them on headed paper. Failure to provide this will result in you being liable for the fees yourself.