Hardship support

We recognise that despite the best plans, occasionally something can happen to leave you in financial difficulty. We understand the stress and worry this can cause. Whatever the reason, there is support available to help you work through your situation so that you can focus fully on your studies.

Student Advice and Support Service (SASS)

If find yourself with little money and struggling to meet your financial obligations, SASS has trained advisers who can advise and support you.

Emergency Hardship Loan (EHL)

SASS can provide you with an Emergency Hardship Loan up to £250 depending on need and eligibility. This is short term and attracts no interest or charges, unlike an unauthorised overdraft or payday loan. It is intended to cover your essential needs such as food and travel and will need to be repaid to the University on an agreed date.

The Hardship Fund (HF)  

The Hardship Fund is provided by the University as a safety net for students in unforeseen financial difficulty despite having received all financial support available to them. The Hardship Fund is not a main source of support and all students are expected to have made reasonable provision for their living costs (and tuition fees) before starting their studies, and so the Hardship Fund is only intended to provide support where a student’s circumstances have changed after they have started studying.

Awards are assessed by calculating the difference between your expected provision (from income and/or capital) and standardised living costs to identify any shortfall. The maximum award is £2,500. Not all applications will be successful.

Get in touch with an adviser

If you are concerned about your ability to afford your study at Loughborough University or Loughborough University London and wish to discuss this further, you can contact the Student Advice and Support Service on 01509 222765 or advice@lboro.ac.uk.

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