Applying for your Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS)

Before applying for your visa (or a visa extension) you will need a CAS statement from Loughborough University as your sponsoring institution.

Please note: this information is for master's students only - no deposit is required from PhD students.

A CAS is an electronic document issued to students who need to make an application for a student visa (also known as the Student Route). Your CAS number, which is required on your visa application, will be found on the CAS statement email you receive from us.

To be issued with a CAS statement, you will need to meet all of your offer conditions and accept your place. If you have applied for a master's programme, you will also need to pay a deposit to confirm that you intend to study with us.

Frequently asked questions

How much is the CAS deposit?

You will need to pay £2,500 to confirm you will be studying at Loughborough University and want us to issue you with a CAS. This deposit will be credited to your student account as a first payment of your tuition fees.

Can I pay more than £2,500?

You can pay as much as you would like, up to the maximum amount of your tuition fee.  However, please remember that the deposit will only be refunded if your visa application is refused by UKVI, so you should only pay it if you are certain that you wish to study with us and need a CAS for that purpose.

How do I pay the deposit?

You should pay your deposit through Flywire, a provider of global payment solutions. Flywire allows you to securely pay your deposit from overseas in over 140 currencies by bank transfer or international credit or debit card, and gives you the facility to track your payment from start to finish.

To access Loughborough's Flywire account, log in to the application portal, click on the programme that you wish to study with us and you will find a link to the deposit payment page. 

I'm a sponsored student, do I need to pay the deposit?

If your tuition fees are being paid by an external sponsor (such as your employer or a government organisation) and you have already provided proof of this, you do not need to pay a deposit.

I'm a US student, do I need to pay the deposit?

If you are funding your studies with a US Federal Loan or a Sallie Mae Loan, you do not need to pay a deposit.

I am doing an English language pre-sessional programme - do I need to pay a CAS deposit?

If you plan to attend the online 11-week or 6-week pre-sessional programmes this year, your CAS will be issued to you when you have successfully completed your pre-sessional studies, to enable you to apply for your student visa. You will be asked to pay your CAS deposit at that point, so we have confirmation of your intention to progress to your master’s degree.

If you plan to attend the campus-based 6-week pre-sessional programme this year, you will be asked to pay a CAS deposit in advance, so we can issue you with a CAS for your student visa application. This will enable you to travel to the UK for the pre-sessional programme.

What happens when I have paid the deposit?

As soon as your deposit payment details are passed to us from Flywire, we will start to prepare your CAS, provided you have met the full conditions of your offer, and the start date of your programme is less than four months away.

Can I change my programme after I have paid my deposit?

No, your deposit is linked to the programme and the information on the CAS. You cannot change your mind after you have paid the deposit, so you should make sure that the programme you pay a deposit for is the one you wish to study.

How quickly will I get my CAS?

Your CAS will between five and ten working days to be produced and emailed to you, depending on the time of year. We will issue your CAS to you as quickly as possible.

My visa interview is in three days, I need my CAS urgently

Get in touch with us and send us evidence of your visa appointment date. We will do our best to fast-track your CAS if there is a genuine reason why you need it quickly. 

Is my deposit refundable?

You should only pay your CAS deposit when you are holding an unconditional offer which you have firmly accepted; or you are holding a conditional offer which you have provisionally accepted, but you know you will meet the conditions of our offer in full. You must also be able to travel to the UK.

Your CAS deposit will only be refunded if your visa is refused, or there are other very exceptional reasons why you cannot take up your place. This includes if you are not able to take up your place at the University because of a travel ban imposed by a country’s government. 

Your CAS deposit will not be refunded if you simply change your mind about studying at Loughborough University, or the University is not able to accept you because you have not met the conditions of your offer. This is why it is important you do not pay it until you are sure you can take up your place with us.

If you request a deposit refund within 14 days of it being paid, it will be refunded in line with the United Kingdom's Consumer Contracts (Information Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013.

Do I need to wait until I am firmly accepted to pay my deposit?

No, you can pay the deposit at any time but please note that your deposit is linked to the programme and the details on the CAS statement. You cannot change your programme after you have paid the deposit, so you should make sure that the course you pay a deposit for is the one you wish to study. You should also be confident you can meet the conditions of your offer in full and are able to travel to the UK.

What is the latest date I can pay my deposit?

Please see our Key deadlines page for the date by which you must have paid your deposit.

Questions about your CAS?

If you have any questions about your CAS, you can contact our admissions team.

Further information about your CAS can be found on the International website.