What to expect in the UK

We are looking forward to welcoming you to the UK and to campus!

When you arrive in the UK

When you arrive you will have to go through immigration control where a Border Force Officer will check your passport (or national identity card for EEA and Swiss students), scan your fingerprints and date stamp your visa.

The Border Force Officer may ask your purpose for coming to the UK and try to determine if you can speak English without the aid of an interpreter. It is recommended that you have the following documents available in your hand luggage in case they are needed:

  • valid passport (with visa as required)
  • admissions correspondence confirming acceptance on to your programme
  • evidence that you can pay your fees and support yourself for the duration of your course (letter from sponsor/funder or bank statements)
  • health certificate (if appropriate).

Customs advice

It is illegal to bring certain items into the UK from outside the EU, while restrictions apply on other items.

If you are arriving from outside the EU and are bringing more than £10,000 (or the equivalent in another currency), you are required to declare this on arrival. If you have to bring any medication which has been prescribed by a doctor for your personal use, you are advised to bring documentary proof from your doctor of the nature of the drugs. More information on customs control is available here.

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Our Pro Vice-Chancellor for teaching, Professor Rachel Thomson and Students' Union Education Executive Officer, Ana-Maria Bilciu talk through the range of measures in place and adjustments to campus to help keep us all safe.