Replying to your offer

Once you've received an offer from us and checked the conditions, the next step is to respond to your offer. You can accept your place to study with us even if you haven’t met all of your offer conditions yet.

Login to the application portal

Once you've logged into the online application portal, you'll be able to check the conditions of your offer. 

Keep a record of your application reference number, which can be found on the top of your offer email. You can then quote this should you need to contact us. 

Choose how you're going to respond

There are three ways you can reply to your offer:


You can accept your offer to study with us by clicking on 'View' then 'Reply to Offer'. Your status will then be updated to show that you have accepted the offer. You can do this even if you have conditions that you haven’t yet met - you don’t have to wait until you have submitted all of your required documents.

If you still have conditions outstanding, your status will show that you have provisionally accepted the offer, subject to you meeting those conditions. If you have accepted an unconditional offer, your status will change to firm acceptance.


If you would like to defer your entry, you will need to email either the postgraduate taught admissions office (for master's applications) or the postgraduate research admissions office (for PhD applications), quoting your application reference number, and ask for your request to be considered. We will aim to provide a decision regarding your deferral request as soon as possible, although for research applications this may take a little longer.

You may only defer entry once. After this, you will be required to complete a new application.

Please note that deferring your place may affect any funding you already have in place and that your tuition fee will increase.


Should you choose not to study at Loughborough, you can let us know by declining your offer. You can do this by clicking on 'View' and 'Reply to Offer'.

Upload your documents to the online application portal

If we have requested specific documents, such as your undergraduate transcript or English language qualification, these will need to be uploaded to the application portal. You will need to click 'View' then 'View/Upload Documents'. Once you have met all of your offer conditions, your place will become unconditional.