Paying your fees

You will not need to pay your fees before you arrive.

Tuition fees are billed prior to the start of your first term and must be paid either in full by a set date shortly after your course starts or in two instalments.

Please note: if you have paid a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) deposit, this will be automatically be deducted from your tuition fees.

If you are based in Loughborough and are staying in University-owned accommodation, your fees will be billed around the time you move in and must be paid in three termly instalments.

The Finance Office will send statements to your university email account at regular intervals throughout the year so you can see how much you have been charged, what you have left to pay and when you need to make payment.

For more information about how to pay your tuition fees and who to contact if you have a question, please visit the Finance Office website.

Paying for University accommodation

For more information about University accommodation fees on the Loughborough campus, please see our fee information page.