Confirming your sponsorship

If an organisation such as your employer or a Government Embassy has agreed to pay your tuition fees and requires Loughborough University to send them a formal invoice requesting payment, you will need to ask them to send us a Finance Guarantee Letter (FGL). This will enable us to set them up in our systems, show their sponsorship commitment on your student statement and seek payment for your tuition fees through our invoicing process.

What information should be included in the Finance Guarantee Letter?

The FGL must include the information listed in the downloadable word document below - this can be shared with your organisation as the basis for their letter. The information should be presented on the organisation’s formal letterhead, and the letterhead should show the organisation's name, registered address and telephone number. If the organisation’s letterhead does not include their name, address and telephone number, please ask them to add it to the main body of the FGL letter instead.

If there are any concerns about the authenticity of the Financial Guarantee Letter, the University will seek to verify it by contacting you or your sponsor for more information. If your financial support cannot be verified, you will still be asked to pay a CAS deposit before your CAS is issued to you. This will either be set against your accommodation fees, or returned to you once your sponsor has paid your tuition fees in full.

How do I submit my Finance Guarantee Letter and what format should it be in?

You should request an electronic copy of your FGL in PDF format.

If you receive your FGL during the application process, you should upload it to the applicant portal via 'View/Upload documents'.

If you receive your FGL as a student, you should send it to the relevant email address.

Please be aware that until we receive formal confirmation of your sponsorship via a Finance Guarantee Letter, we will consider you to be a self-funding student.

What happens if my fees are paid by a personal contact?

If a personal contact is paying your fees on your behalf and does not require an invoicethey can do this through our student payment facility, provided you share your student number with them so that we can link their payment to your account.

What if my sponsor doesn't pay in time or fails to pay?

We will invoice your sponsor and work with you to secure payment from them. However, if your sponsor fails to pay, tuition fees remain your responsibility in accordance with University Regulation XVI (Para. 3). If payment is not received within the time limits specified in Regulation XVI you may be prevented from receiving your results, progressing to your next programme part or from receiving your degree results and graduating if you are in your final year. We will tell you if your sponsor has failed to make payment in time so that you can liaise with them or arrange an alternative payment method if you are able to do so.