Accommodation is an important part of the Loughborough experience. Our Student Accommodation Centre team are here for you – providing advice and support for living on or off campus.

Our Hall Management teams are responsible for the day-to-day running of your hall.

Each Hall has a dedicated Hall Management team (available Monday to Friday between 8am and 6pm) who are there for any day-to-day enquiries, suggestions or concerns regarding your hall and flatmates. They are your first point of contact for key collection, post, cleaning and maintenance.

Our Hall Management team are responsible for:

  • Coordinating day to day cleaning and maintenance in your room/flat
  • Ensuring your health, safety and security
  • Working closely with the Warden and committee to provide a seamless 24-hour support service
  • Distributing small post items such as letters (parcels are collected from the mailroom located on the bottom-floor of the Herbert Manzoni building)

Contact details for your Hall Management team can be found on your Halls of Residence page.

Support if there is a problem with your room

Residents in our Halls are required to report to the Hall Manager about any damage, faults or repairs required to the premises/contents within 24 hours of becoming aware of it. More details of how you can report a problem are available here.

Wireless internet connection is now available in all halls, although please note that you will get a faster service if you connect via a cable to the network socket in your room. IT Services can supply a cable to you free of charge, these are available from the IT service desk.

If you have any faults or queries in relation to the IT Service in your accommodation, please report your problem directly by emailing IT Services.


At Loughborough we offer a housekeeping service throughout our halls of residences. The services offered will be dependent on which hall of residence you live in. You will be advised of your regular cleaning day by your Hall Manager. For more information about cleaning in halls of residence take a look at our website.

Laundry facilities

We have several laundrettes on campus for our students living in halls. More information can be found here.