Student handbook

Undergraduate and Postgraduate Taught programmes

Attendance and leave of absence

You are required to be in attendance at the University for teaching and assessment weeks, as detailed in Regulation IX. If you do not maintain satisfactory attendance, as described in the University’s policy, you may have your studies terminated. The University  operates a digital register using the MyLboro App  which enables you to record your attendance at teaching sessions. The University is required to notify the Student Loans Company and other institutions who pay fees, about periods of absence or unsatisfactory attendance. This may lead to financial support being reduced or suspended and it may also lead to students having to repay money that they have already received.  If you need a visa to study in the UK, then the University will also have to report periods of absence or unsatisfactory attendance to UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI), which could result in your visa being withdrawn.

If you are unable to attend your teaching sessions, eg because you are unwell, you should inform your academic school. If you are not able to attend for more than two weeks you should discuss with your academic school whether to continue studying or whether a Leave of Absence would be more appropriate.

The University allows students, in some circumstances, to take Leave of Absence. This is a temporary suspension of studies, normally limited to a one year maximum. Restrictions apply; you will need approval from your academic school in all cases and, normally, leave of absence must be requested before the intended period of absence.

Fitness to Study Procedure - health and wellbeing

This procedure may be applied to students whose ability to cope with university life, to study and progress on their programme is seriously compromised as the result of their health, wellbeing or a disability.

The procedure is designed to ensure that any concerns related to a student’s ability to study are managed and addressed in a timely, equitable and supportive manner.

Fitness to Study - Stretched Degree Policy with respect to disability and health

This policy covers situations in which an applicant or student, the Counselling and Disability Service (CDS) or an applicant/student’s academic School concludes that, due to disability or serious health related issues, the student will not be able to adequately engage with his/her programme on a full-time basis but would be able to engage effectively with a reduced study load.