Student handbook

Undergraduate and Postgraduate Taught programmes

Attendance and Digital Registers

Attendance at your in-person teaching sessions

Unless you have been given approval to opt-out of in-person sessions, or study remotely, during the first semester of the 2021/22 academic year, you are required to be in attendance in person at the University for teaching and assessment weeks, as detailed in Regulation IX. The University operates a digital register using the MyLboro App  which enables you to record your in person attendance at teaching sessions.

Support to use the MyLboro App for in person digital registers is available online, including IT troubleshooting tips.

If you are unable to attend your in person teaching sessions because you are self-isolating, notify your School through the online self isolation reporting system. You should continue to engage with the on demand and live interactive sessions available to you and use the ReView recordings of in person sessions on Learn if you feel well enough.

If you are unable to attend because you are unwell for reasons unrelated to Covid-19, you should inform your academic school by email. If you are not able to attend for more than two weeks you should discuss with your academic school whether to continue studying or whether a Leave of Absence would be more appropriate.

Engagement with your online studies

You are also required to engage with your online studies, and to complete any tasks flagged in Learn which have a deadline, including all assessed coursework. You should not log your attendance on the digital registers for the sessions you attend online.

Non-Engagement with your studies

The University will maintain an oversight of your engagement to ensure you are progressing with your studies. It is important that you accurately record your attendance at your timetabled in-person sessions. The data provides an opportunity for the University to identify any students who may be having difficulty with their studies, and allows us to provide additional support to them.

If you do not record your attendance at your in-person sessions, or do not complete your online activities by the deadline given by your tutors, you will be contacted by your School to make you aware that your attendance/engagement is not satisfactory.

If you do not maintain satisfactory attendance, as described in the University’s policy, you may have your studies terminated.

The University is required to notify the Student Loans Company and other institutions who pay fees, about periods of absence or unsatisfactory attendance. This may lead to financial support being reduced or suspended and it may also lead to students having to repay money that they have already received.  If you need a visa to study in the UK, the University will also have to report periods of absence or unsatisfactory attendance to UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI), which could result in your visa being withdrawn.