Trusted contacts

Trusted contacts

Loughborough University are committed to supporting all students with regards to their safety and wellbeing. As such we ask all our students, wherever possible, to nominate and provide the University with details of at least one Trusted Contact as part of the annual registration/re-registration process.

Why do we need Trusted Contact information?

We ask you to provide this information so that it is available in the unlikely event that a situation arises where we consider your health, wellbeing, or welfare to be at risk. If you can, we will ask you to nominate at least one Trusted Contact, but we would encourage you to provide the details of at least two where possible.  

What is a Trusted Contact?

Your Trusted Contact does not have to be a next of kin but usually, your nominated person will be a parent, family member or guardian. It should be someone you trust and who knows you and they must be able and willing to act on your behalf in the event of a serious incident or emergency where we consider your health, wellbeing, or welfare to be at risk.  

You should ensure that your emergency contact is

  1. aware that they have been nominated and that their contact details have been given to the University for this purpose;
  2. readily contactable - wherever possible, please provide a mobile phone number.

If the person that you would like to nominate as your Trusted Contact changes during the academic year, then you can provide us with updated information by visiting Self-Service. You can make these changes at any time.