Key documents

Key documents

There are a number of key documents which set out the University's expectations of its relationship with you as a student. The main ones are listed here.

The Student Charter

Developed jointly by staff and students, the Student Charter outlines a common set of principles that students and staff agree will result in an outstanding student experience.

Terms and Conditions of Study

The Terms and Conditions of Study form the contract between you and the University. 

The first section covers the contract which comes into force when you accept an offer of a place at the University during the formal application process and the second covers the contract which is applicable once you have become a fully registered student of the University.

Download/view the latest version below.

Programme and Module Specifications

Programme specifications and module specifications are published for each programme of study. You will be kept informed of significant changes which may affect your programme. The University's general regulations provide the framework for all programmes.

Changes to module specifications are subject to University approval procedures. Schools/Departments are discouraged from making any changes to module specifications during the semester when the module is running, or in the period immediately before. Where this cannot be avoided, the School/Department may be required to seek the prior agreement of students registered on the module in question, at the discretion of the relevant Associate Dean (Teaching).

Schools should consult students about changes to programme specifications which will affect them in their future years of study. Such changes are subject to University approval procedures, including, in the case of major changes, approval by Senate.

University Regulations

The regulations govern the academic functions of the University and are established and maintained by Senate.

University Ordinances

An ordinance is detailed legislation that translates the broad principles of the university's charter and statutes.

Student Protection Plan

As a registered provider of higher education, Loughborough University is required by the Office for Students to publish a Student Protection Plan. The Plan sets out what students can expect to happen should a course, campus, or institution close. Its purpose is to ensure that students can continue and complete their studies, or can be compensated if this is not possible. 

This plan, which is approved by the Office for Students as part of our conditions for registration, applies to all students. It sets out the University’s assessment of, and mitigation for, the risks which could affect the continuation of study for our students.

Degree Outcomes Statement

In May 2019, the UK Standing Committee for Quality Assessment (UKSCQA) published a Statement of Intent. It proposed that providers should publish a degree outcomes statement analysing their institutional degree classification profile and articulating the results of an internal institutional review. This review should help assure providers that they meet the Expectations of the Quality Code for Higher Education that relate to protecting the value of qualifications and, for providers in England, the Office for Students' ongoing conditions of registration on academic standards (B4 and B5).

The first Loughborough University Degree Outcomes Statement was formally approved by the University Council on 2 July 2020.

LSU Code of Conduct

Section 22 of the 1994 Education Act sets out a number of requirements on the governing body of the University which include publication of a Code of Practice on the Students’ Union which makes explicit to students their rights and sets out how the University and the Union fulfil their responsibilities. The relevant legislation is linked below, as is the Code of Conduct.

LSU Code of Conduct 1994 Education Act on