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Tom Jelliffe and Emil Starck

Tzuka are currently prototyping what they believe will be the world’s most durable sports earphones. Specifically designed and engineered for weight dominant sports, Tzuka is in line with becoming the first earphone brand with an impact resistance rating, as well as being both dust and waterproof. Tzuka are currently working the Manufacturing Technology Centre during their product engineering stage.

The current ‘sports’ earphone market is saturated with earphones supporting the needs of runners, leaving those who incorporate weights into their workouts using a product which is not designed for such a purpose.

Perhaps it should not then come as a surprise that almost 45% of those who participate in weight dominant sports break two or more pairs of earphones annually, resulting in over 10.3 million earphones thrown away annually in the UK alone.  Tzuka, together with Loughborough University, are working on the solution.