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Tom Jelliffe

Shock-proof, impact resistant and totally waterproof, Tzuka are engineering the world’s most durable sports earphones.

Whether you spend £10 or £200, earbuds are assembled in the same way with the same cheap materials. As a result, over 43% of those involved in anaerobic sport break a pair of earbuds every year.

Partnered with the MTC, Tzuka have totally revolutionised the assembly method, resulting in the first earbuds in the world to achieve an impact resistance rating. Specifically designed to be as tough as any workout, Tzuka’s earbuds are also the first to be sealed internally, allowing them to be used underwater.

4GB of built-in flash storage allows you to turn the earbuds into a self-contained MP3 player at the push of a button. Leave your phone at home or in the locker room and workout without range restrictions or distractions.

Having gone through two successful investment rounds, Tzuka are currently going through the penultimate engineering stage, having already successfully tested their product.