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Honey Skin Care

Honey Skin Care

Christina Akintoye

Honey Skin Care strives to enhance emotional and physical well-being by providing natural skincare products proven to enhance skin health. Honey Skin Care products are specifically designed for sensitive skin, and are ideal for people who suffer with conditions like eczema.

Honey’s Skincare is a company designed to help the emotional, mental and physical wellbeing of eczema sufferers by providing products that inspire, motivate and physically alleviate the effects of eczema. The all-natural based product range contains aromatherapeutic properties and benefits. These aim to uplift and also calm the mood and emotions of our customers. In addition, our products are aimed to inspire and motivate individuals through the packaging. Lastly, the active botanical ingredients in our products aim to alleviate the physical effects of eczema such as dry, inflamed and itchy skin.