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Nina e'Ffua Ada

From the early stages of my career, I made it my mission to inspire young women from around the world to follow their passion and aim for success by going against the odds with confidence and embracing their background.

When I first started in 2014 I decided to create a FB page in which I would post song covers, and motivational videos in hope that my Facebook contacts would see them and share them. What then started with 100 likes from my contacts now has 78K likes and now I count with a total of 84k supporters across all platforms.

With all this popularity came a lot of support from young women around the world that not only believed in my messages but also felt inspired by the fact that I embraced my ethnicity and background with poise.

As my brand keeps expanding I want to continue spreading empowering messages and give hope to women from all walks of life to aspire to be successful by being passionate confident and determined.