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Fuel My Performance Ltd

Rikki Carrington & Sean Buxton

Fuel My Performance is a cloud based performance nutrition software/application designed to bridge the gap between science and practice.

Fuel My Performance provides individual athletes, clients and sports teams with access to qualified nutrition support, with the focus on maximising training adaptation, performance and recovery. For nutritionists, our software provides the correct tools, resources and client management platform to help facilitate the growth and success of their business.  

Gaining access to accurate, evidence-based nutrition knowledge is fundamental to health, wellbeing and performance. However, as experienced by former athlete and performance nutritionist Sean Buxton, there is a gap between science, knowledge and its practical application. Along with co-founder Rikki Carrington, we made it our mission to connect nutritionists, clients and athletes, share knowledge and in turn, optimise health and performance. We've combined the technology and tools into a bespoke performance nutrition software application, to help nutritionists deliver and monitor professional nutrition programmes more efficiently than ever before.