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Tom Fletcher

RaceStream is a live-streaming camera designed for specifically for motorsport.

It enables engineers and fans to see the drivers view as the race happens. It allows teams to give instantaneous coaching to drivers and event organisers to bring fans closer to the action.

RaceStream accelerates the learning process for novice racing drivers, improving safety on track. It does this by allowing coaches to see exactly what is happening in real-time and offer assistance and advice over the radio during a race. Previously, this could only be done between sessions by reviewing data telemetry and video recordings. With video streaming, the coach can provide feedback instantaneously and mark important clips to review with the driver between sessions without spending hours in the evening reviewing video footage.

Another one of the benefits of RaceStream is the ability to stream video directly to social media outlets for a much smaller price compared to professional broadcasting equipment. This technology has not before been available for smaller, local racing teams and events for them to promote themselves and their sponsors.

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